Angel Therapy

 Angel therapy is a very powerful energy healing modality. Clients may need just one consultation or several it varies from each individual case and what it is that needs to be corrected in the mind, body and soul.

Angel therapy is not a new concept it was originally created in the 1900's by Doreen virtue who is a psychologist. It is non-denominational so no matter what your beliefs are this therapy can help you.

 Angels are universal, there purpose is to serve us and they are happy to called into action anytime.

 I work with many angels, however archangel Raphael who emits a green light is the archangel of healing.


 In a session i use an angel card deck to give readings so please come to your session prepared with some questions that you would like me to ask the cards, so that we have a direction to go in that is most beneficial to you.

 What happens in during a session?

You will be welcomed, we will have a little chat before we begin, so that we can feel at ease with one another. Once finding a comfortable sitting position for you I will put on some gentle music and with your permission light some essentials, at that point i will ask the angels to join us.  We will then move onto the card reading and I can ask the questions you have prepared. Once happy with this side of things we will be able to move onto the healing. 

 I will then channel the energy and be guided to send healing to the right place on your body. It is not necessary to touch you as the energy is simply channeled by my hands hovering over you. Should we decide any touch is necessary I will ask your permission and it will be very slight and non invasive.

 During the healing you may experience different sensations. For example you may feel the presence of the angel, movement of energy, heat, cold,tingling,or a feeling of peace. If your eyes are closed you may also see varying colors.


 After the healing session you may need to drink more water, feel tired or emotional, maybe tearful or angry as you may have suppressed these feeling for quite some time and releasing these emotions is part of the healing process.

 There are many benefits to angel therapy, it unblocks the energy systems of the body, which lead to disease, and illness.

 It is suitable for all ages and does not involve any medications. Heals mind, body and soul all at the same time. It is completely safe and you will only receive as much energy as you can cope with at any given time, this treatment can be used in conjunction with any other treatment or medication.

 Please note I am not a medium I can communicate with the angels but i am not able to get in contact with love ones that you have lost.